About bank

The bank was established as “Ruzu” joint stock bank and registered at the National Bank of Azerbaijan with register number 25, on December 17, 1992. The bank has started bank operations based on the lisence number 112 since December 30, 1992.

In January 17, 2002 the bank was renamed to “NBCBank”.

Since march 2005, according to the local legislation, changes have taken place in organizational structure of the bank and it has become an Open Stock Company.

Besides the Head office, “NBCBank” has fully operational 7 branches in Baku, 4 branches ın the regions as well as 2 currency exchange units. Branches of the bank are as follows: 1 sayli, Babek, Yasamal, Ganclik, Merkez, Nasimi, Ahmedli, Sumgayit, Ganca, Lankaran and Shaki.

“NBCBank” OSC has 17 ATMs operating in the country. The bank also has 44 POS terminals in different locatons.

“NBCBank” OSC collaborates with the following international banking and financial institutions: EBRD , İFC, ADB , ICD, DWM, Societe Generale, Oikokredit, USAİD, BankWorld, HVB Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Austria Creditanstalt Bank, Aizkraukles Bank, VTB Bank and AKbank.

In 2009, the bank has received technical aid from the “BankWorld” through USAİD

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Phone 932
Address Baku city, M.Narimanov str. 2054
08.06.2023 Cash buy Cash sell Non-cash buy Non-cash sell
EUR 1.8300 1.8600 1.8300 1.8600
GBP 2.1000 2.1400 2.1000 2.1400
RUB 0.0257 0.0268 0.0257 0.0268
TRY 0.0000 0.0000 0.2200 0.2600
USD 1.6990 1.7025 1.6990 1.7025
* Rates may differ in different branches.