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Founded in 1874 as Azerbaijan Savings Bank, Kapital Bank is one of Azerbaijan’s largest banks serving more than three million customers. The aim of the bank is to become the financial partner of the first choice for its customers, guaranteeing prosperity in the future. Kapital Bank takes a secured approach in order to capture synergies between state owned corporate businesses and retail banking opportunities, while also serving privately owned corporate customers. Headquartered in Baku, Bank has a large footprint of 92 branches covering the whole country. Kapital Bank’s corporate governance complies with the best international standards. The bank recognizes the importance of good corporate governance, which is set up to ensure transparent and sustainable value creation by clearly defining responsibilities, management processes and organization. Kapital Bank has the highest rating among privately owned local banks. Bank’s over 100 years of history helps it to generate sustainable profit and allows it to capture growth opportunities. Bank employees work closely with customers to provide complete financial solutions and innovative products.

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Phone 196
Address Fuzuli st. 71, Baku
21.04.2021 Cash buy Cash sell Non-cash buy Non-cash sell
CHF 1.8040 1.9200 1.8040 1.9230
EUR 2.0200 2.0750 2.0100 2.1100
GBP 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000
RUB 0.0190 0.0234 0.0215 0.0238
TRY 0.1515 0.2385 0.1515 0.2435
USD 1.6970 1.7020 1.6800 1.7200
* Rates may differ in different branches.
Internet and Mobile Banking - BirBank

BirBank is a mobile banking application provided by Kapital Bank. The application is the most downloaded finance app in Azerbaijan with over 300,000 users. In the App Store, Play Store and SimilarWeb ratings, BirBank is listed as "# 1 Top Free Finance". BirBank became the winner of the "National Internet Award" in the nomination "Electronic Government and Finance-Banking Mobile Applications" in 2018. In 2018 BirBank has chosen the most innovative mobile bank - Most innovative mobile bank in our country by International Finance magazine. Anyone with a bank card can simply sign up for a few minutes at BirBank to manage banking services, online orders and payments by phone.

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